Outsider Perspective

I'm standing in the dark corner of everywhere you've ever been. You notice me enough to know I don't fit in but after that it's just a blur. While you cherish that ignorance, I have gained all that you lose with your lack of awareness. From this corner, everywhere I look is all the same. In every room, you are all the same. The light inside you, however unique, is dimmed by the collective mind you embrace. I'd get to know you but I've seen you a thousand times before - you're coming off the MTV assembly line, your mind sculpted by an insideous media machine. The world is filled with a product that has both met and exceeded demand - that product is you and your worth vanished when the market was flooded with facsimiles of you. Individuality is not something you can buy. It's not a haircut or an outfit. It's not something you can call yourself when you're the poster boy or girl for the status quo. I've seen you marketed to the sheep, I've seen you walk the streets in a thousand variations of yourself, crammed inside a mold of so-called alienation.

You'll never see me because you can't even see yourself for what you really are. You claim you want out when all across the spectrum of conformity you jump to fit in. In denying yourself the power of choice you have sunk deeper than ever before. I can help you if you require. After all, knowledge is power and I hold a key to open all the doors. But you don't have to wait for it if you don't want to. If you want to gain awareness, if you want to see where ignorance leads, just stop and look around. Can you see that it's taking you nowhere? Now can you see that you're going to die as you live - unhappy but blissful?