We Are Devo

Society is a walking, talking advertisement. Of what to wear who to look like and what to do. But not how to act. As with most aspects of life our priorities are backwards, our vision of what's right and what matters is distorted by mass media, desensitization to all aspects of life and our own sense of self-worth, our own sense of self-preservation. We ignore the terrible things that happen because of what might happen to us as a consequence of standing up for what is right. Ignorance is bliss. We spend beyond our means because we've had everything handed to us since we were born and have never wonted for anything. Greed is all we know. We no longer remember how to interact face to face because communicating is done faster through email and txt messaging. Facebook is the only party we ever need to go to anymore, the 500 friends we barely know or talk to providing a blanket of companionship in a world increasingly dependent on the electronic.

This is evolution in motion. This is the human race evolving - by setting ourselves up to devolve when the materialistic items we increasingly rely on will inevitably fail and the clock turns back to zero.