A Hand

I bathe once a week. Not that I have poor hygiene, I mean I shower every day but that's nothing other than needing an effective wake-me-up. Hot water to ease me into the day followed by a 30 second blast of cold to really jolt me to life at the end. But no, I bathe once a week in order to just relax and revive. I lay in a bath of hot water, sweating, cold flannel draped over my face while I muse and think and de-stress. This happens for at least an hour, a rebirth of sorts if you will.

But I also hold my breath and push myself under the water. There's a clarity of thought in depriving yourself of oxygen. Ideas occur, resolve is set, thoughts spring to life to be nurtured... hell how do you think I got the idea to write this? But I long for a hand to hold me under longer. I'm not suicidal, I just need a near-life experience to validate it all. Is that fatalist? Who am I to say. Just give me a hand.