Unknown Sentiment

I can feel the blood leaving my body. There is a pool rapidly forming around my midsection as I lie here on the road. I hear traffic sounds and can see people peering down at me. People are talking about me but no one is talking to me. I am cold and alone. A moment ago I was walking. I heard the screech of brakes and then was being pushed to the ground. Am I dying? Yes, I am dying. I can feel life leaving me. It’s strange that amidst all the noise and confusion around me I am clear headed and my thoughts are calm and rational. All I can think of is you. All the things that I never told you, how much you meant to me. I don’t know why it is now that these things come rushing to me so clearly. It is sad that you will never know these thoughts of mine. The things that I am feeling while I inhale the smell of car exhaust and blood. It just occurred to me that it is my blood I am smelling. You will surely find out of my death but not of these thoughts. I must tell you that I was always afraid of the fury with which I loved you - and I was always trying to answer the question of how could I love you so much when I didn't love myself? It overwhelmed me. I thought it beyond comprehension, therefore my silence. I felt overshadowed by the power of it, so much so that I was afraid of it and afraid of you. So strong and pure was this passion that it came out as pure venom. I know that you will always think I hated you. If only you knew how wrong you were. I remember the last time I saw you a few months ago. You were so kind and I was so hard and sullen. It was all I could do to contain myself - A rose trapped inside a fist. If I had not walked away quickly after my short reply I would have been at your feet begging to be by your side forever. It is the only place I have ever wanted to be. To me you are more than a woman. You are a creature of unadulterated beauty, a creation of a higher order. I will die knowing that no one will ever love you as I have loved you all these years. I will now attempt to say your name with my last breath--